Discover all Star Wars food items during Legends of the Force 2020 (NL/ENG)

?? This weekend a new edition of Star Wars: Legends of the Force season is starting at the Walt Disney Studios Park of Disneyland Paris. As always you will be able to try a lot of themed snacks and food in the park & resort. See here a list of all the food items and where to find them !

?? Dit weekend start een nieuwe editie van Star Wars: Legends of the Force in het Walt Disney Studios Park van Disneyland Paris. En zoals altijd zal je opnieuw de mogelijkheid hebben om veel gethematiseerde snacks en menu’s te proberen. Bekijk hier de lijst van alle items en waar je ze kan vinden !
Beef burger with pepper jack cheese, chorizo, tomatoes, onions, pepper and chipotle BBQ sauce. (Annette’s Diner)
Waffle with sugar – Cool Station (Disneyland Park)
Cottage cheese cream, mango flavour, white chocolate (Restaurant en Coulisse)
Chocolate-Hazelnut shortbread (Hep Cat Corner + Kiosks Studios)
Chocolate eclair (Hep Cat Corner + Kiosks Studios)
Sablé chocolat noisette (Hep Cat Corner + Kiosks Studios)
Vanilla cupcake (Hotels Buffets)
Coffee with milk, pralin, whipped cream and almonds and caramelized hazelnuts (Kiosks Studios)
Vanilla Macaroon (Kiosks Studios)
Chocolate Mugcake (Kiosks Studios)
Shrimps sautéed in Espelette pepper Piquillos coulis and peppers Breaded Parmesan Risotto with black bread crumbs (Yacht club + Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates)
Cheese waffle (Kiosks Studios)
Lemon meringue pie (Kiosks Studios)
Chocolate and salted caramel pie (Yacht club + Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates)
Beef burger, cheese, salad, tomato, crispy oignons, mexican mole sauce (Restaurant en Coulisse)

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