Disney Plus day 2021 in Disneyland Paris

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Last Friday, Disneyland Paris, together with other Disney Parks such as Walt Disney World and Disneyland, organized the first edition of the Disney Plus Day. At Disneyland Paris, the Walt Disney Studios Park was used to celebrate Disney Plus Day.

Upon arrival, guests were given a free Disney+ button, probably the smallest they could make, a slightly larger version would have been more fun. Afterwards, the guests entered Studio 1 on a special blue carpet with the Disney+ logo. Some Disney characters, dressed in blue for the occasion, were also waving to the visitors of the day.

Disney Plus day

Towards World of Pixar you could see the first rare Disney characters who had come to Walt Disney Studios Park for this day. For example, we saw Needleman and George Sanderson from Monster Inc. and Boo joined in too.

As we passed Crush’s Coaster we saw even more rare characters such as Joy and Sadness from the Pixar movie Inside Out. The characters from Toy Story were also present, today also assisted by Boo Peep. Russell from the Pixar film UP also came to say hello. In fact, World of Pixar looked the way it should always look every day of the year.

Apart from those nice Disney Characters there was nothing special to do during the day, a short cavalcade with all the special characters would have been nice. There were also some special Magic Shots and when ordering a menu at En Coulisse you were aoffered a free Disney+ dessert that day.

The day ended in the evening with a short projection on the Tower of Terror.

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