Disneyland Paris is organizing an event for annual passes again

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On Friday March 25 2022, Disneyland Paris will organize an event for people with an Annual Passes again. This will be the first time since the start of the pademic, when the health crisis just started in March 2020, another event for Annual Passes was cancelled. That event should have been an evening looking back on the “Euro Disney” period with performances of the show C’est Magique from the 90s in Videopolis.

The event that will be organized on March 25, 2022 will be all about the 30th anniversary, what the program will be is not yet known and will probably only be known when the tickets have already been sold. Again you will not know if you get value for money until it’s too late. It is possible that they will hold an event similar to the canceled event of 2020 but now in the theme of the 30th with a look back to the history of Disneyland Paris with entertainment from the past.

program of the 30th anniversary Annual Pass Party:


21h35                                               Follow the light – Opening Ceremony (Central Plaza)

21h50                                               Rêvons… et le monde s’illumine !  (Central Plaza)

22h25                                               Disney D-Light (Central Plaza)

22h00 / 23h00 / 00h00 / 01h00     C’est Magique ! (Vidéopolis)

22h45 / 23h45 / 00h45                    Le Livre magique de Mickey (Castle Stage)

23h15 / 00h15 / 01h15                    Mickey’s Magical Souvenirs (Central Plaza)


Indicative times: 21h30  – 1h30 *

*Some photolocations will open later for technical reasons (Fantasyland) and because of the shows played on Main Street U.S.A. Photolocation lines will close as soon as the maximum number of encounters has been reached. As meetings with Disney Characters are very popular, we inform you that you can only participate in a limited number of meetings. We invite you to meet the Disney Characters during the shows to make the most of your evening. Some of the meetings will be in the Selfie Spot format and others in the traditional Meet & Greet format. PhotoPass photographers will not be present during the evening, so please check your phone/camera battery before the evening begins. 

– Célébrons le 30eme Anniversaire avec Mickey et ses amis – Town Square & Casey Corner

– Rencontre à Halloween Town – Last Chance Café

– Rencontre à travers le bayou – Silver Spur Steakhouse

– Rencontre fermière – Big Thunder Mountain (Gazebo)

– Rencontre au pied de la Grande Muraille –  Colonel Hathi’s (Forêt de bambou)

– Rencontre en haute mer – Pirates of the Caribbean (Balcony)

– Rencontre intergalactique – Discoveryland Theater (Queue Line)

– Rencontre héroïque – Discoveryland Theater

– Rencontre éternelle –  Le Pays des Contes de Fées

– Rencontre chanceuse –  Meet Mickey Mouse

– Rencontre à Nottingham –  Le Vieux Moulin (Old Mill)

– Rencontre olympique – Fantasyland Parade gate


Flora’s Unique Boutique – Boardwalk Candy Palace – Disney Clothiers – Main Street Motors – Stroller Rentals – Emporium – Constellations –– Star Traders – Le Coffre du Capitaine –Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building


Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost (closing at 00h00) 

Café Hyperion (closing at 1h00) 

Casey’s Corner (closing at 01h30)


21h15 – 1h30 (except Fantasyland, from 22h45)

Discoveryland : Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – Star Tours : l’Aventure Continue – Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – Orbitron – Autopia

Adventureland : Pirates of the Caribbean – Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril

Frontierland : Big Thunder Mountain – Phantom Manor – Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing

Fantasyland : Peter Pan’s Flight – Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains – Le Carrousel de Lancelot – Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Les Voyages de Pinocchio – Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups 

Shows, entertainment and services offered may be modified, delayed or cancelled without notice, especially in the event of adverse weather conditions or insufficient security. Please comply with all warnings and safety regulations.

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