Disneyland Paris starts counting down to its 30th anniversary in 2022

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Start Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary in 100 days

100 days before the start of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the Resort starts the countdown to the start of the festivities with a preview of some merchandise items and a look at some products from the Food & Beverage department. Unfortunately, the festivities for the 30th anniversary aren’t going to be that special.

Cancellation of confirmed new parade

It is already clear that we can expect few novelties in the Disneyland Park. A previously confirmed arrival of a new parade was canceled and we should not expect a new evening spectacle. Both a parade and an evening show are the two things that are often renewed during an Anniversary year. Unfortunately, the return of old entertainment such as Disney Illuminations, Disney Stars On Parade and Mickey and the Magician are now being included in the calendar of the 30th anniversary celebrations, making the 30th anniversary look more and more like a copy of the 25th anniversary.

Opening Avengers Campus

But there is still a reason to look forward to next year, there will be a new show at Central Plaza in order to still have something new in the Disneyland Park, but the most important thing is something that actually isn’t part of the 30th Anniversary. The highly anticipated opening of Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park, originally slated to open in 2020, is now officially announced to open in summer 2021 with a complete new attraction of Spider-Man and a renewed attraction, the Iron Man rollercoaster (the former Rock’n’Roller Coaster).


Reserveer nu je verblijf tijdens de 30ste verjaardag

Vier vanaf maart de 30ste verjaardag van Disneyland Paris met een nieuwe spectaculaire show en in de zomer kan je uitleven op twee nieuwe attracties in Avengers Campus !

Disneyland Paris

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