Program of the Marvel Annual Pass Event ??

An exclusive Marvel interactive conference:

Comics at the Season of the Superheroes in the presence of the Marvel Artistic Team at Studio Theater
Returns on the creation of the summer of the Superheroes Marvel, backstage.

Ability to ask questions to the Marvel team with a Q & A session.

3 sessions of 30 min: 21h / 21h50 / 22h30.

Conference in English, fully translated into French.

Costume contest:

Who will be the next Superhero? at “Place des Stars”

Use your super powers and show off your most beautiful Marvel superhero costume! A great live contest: goodies will be distributed to the best costumed visitors.
9:30 p.m.

Dance with the Guardians of the Galaxy at “Place des Stars”
Join Star-Lord and Gamora and become the king of the track!
11:00 p.m.

DJ Party – Mission: Evasion! at “Place des Stars”
Go for a break with the classics of the ’70s and’ 80s at the foot of the Collector’s Fortress.

Meetings of legends

Meet the Marvel Super Heroes!

Captain America (Stitch Live Queue!)

Black Widow (Blockbuster Café)

Thor / Loki (Reign of Fire – Studio Tram Tour)

Access to queues until 23:30. People with reduced mobility will be able to access all the queues that will be adapted for them, but will not benefit from priority access. A valid companion can queue, the person with reduced mobility joining at the time of the photo.

Epic Attractions

Embark with courage in these attractions, expect surprises!
Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Armageddon, Ratatouille, RC Racer, Parachutes, Slinky Dog, Cars, Crush’s Coaster.
20h30-00h30. Closing the queues at 00:30

Dating surprises! Toon Studio
Disney characters will appear everywhere in Toon Studio during the evening: stay tuned, some are very rare!
Toy Story Playland, Art of Animation, Toon Plaza, Remy Place, Photolocations Monsters Inc. and Aladdin
20h30-00h00. Closing the queues at 23:30.

Heroes’ Restaurant En Coulisse + Outdoor Karts
Reboost your batteries by tasting our Super Hero delicacies.

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