Review: Manhatten Restaurant Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

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A few weeks ago we had dinner in the Manhattan Restaurant in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel in Disneyland Paris. The restaurant has been refreshed with new decorations and furniture but it is certainly still recognizable compared to how it was before the refurbishment, it feels classy and chique. The menu, on the other hand, is the biggest change.

On arrival we were kindly received by Cast Members who had little work and were waiting in large numbers at the entrance. We got a table of 2 people almost in the middle of the room.

When ordering we asked for our free non-alcoholic cocktail on presentation of our annual pass, but we did not receive it. “Not available” was the answer! Strange, because we got it at Annette’s Diner the day before. Then we were given a menu, it was immediately apparent that the choice was very limited for both the starters and the main courses if you take a menu “Greenwich Village” as they did. If you want to order “A la Carte” you have more choice, but it will be a lot more expensive. Our menu was 42€ without drinks. Disney calls their restaurant: traditional Italian cuisine.

This was our choices of starters:

Prosciutto di Parma, mostarda di frutta e tigelle

Jambon de Parme, mostarda di frutta, tigelle
Parma Ham, Fruit Mustard and Tigelle

Burrata pugliese, caponata di verdure e pane carasau

ou Burrata et « caponata » de légumes, pain de Sardaigne
or Burrata from Puglia, Vegetable Caponata and Carasau Bread

There was little to complain about the starters, only they came very quickly. Only a couple of minutes after we ordered , the first plates were already in front of us. This was so for the whole meal by the way, the service was way too fast.

This was our choice of main course:

Lasagne alla bolognese

Manhatten Restaurant Disney's Hotel New York

Because it was not always easy to understand what the other main courses are, we took a “safe” way and ordered a classic lasagne. The lasagna was clearly freshly made, it tasted completely different from a regular takeaway lasagna. And even though the taste was good, the lasagna was very heavy to eat. There was too much meat so you can hardly eat it all. This lasagne is something to eat without starter or dessert.

This was our choices of desserts:

Tiramisù classico / Tiramisu / Classic tiramisu

Baba al Limoncello, crema al mascarpone agli agrumi
e macedonia di frutta esotica

Baba au Limoncello, crème fouettée aux agrumes et salade de fruits exotiques
or Limoncello Baba’ (Small Yeast Cake), Citrus Whipped Cream and Exotic Fruit Salad

The desserts were tasty but again came way too soon after the heavy lasagna that we could barely finish. The Tiramisu was tasty but rather plain presented as a regular square block on a white plate.

At the end we can say that we certainly ate good and enough. Though the whole experience was below my expectations. For the price you pay I prefer the Downtown Restaurant which is just next door and where they serve the food in a buffet style. We had dinner there last time and we loved it. The Manhattan Restaurant is a lot nicer and more chic than the Downtown Restaurant.

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