United Kingdom visitors are again having a hard time visiting Disneyland Paris.

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The French government has announced stricter measures for visitors from the United Kingdom to France. This will make it almost impossible for these people to visit Disneyland Paris and will undoubtedly lead to many cancellations for the upcoming holiday season.

Tourists from the United Kingdom are only allowed to go to France for necessary reasons, visiting Disneyland Paris is not one of them. In any case, a negative test must be shown on arrival that is less than 24 hours old. Once in France, a quarantine of 7 days is imposed, which will be reduced to 2 days if a second test is also negative. It has also become stricter the other way around, for people who want to go to the UK from France, they must also have a valid reason.

This is another major setback for Disneyland Paris which is slowly going back to normal operations bringing back the fireworks “Disney Illuminations” this month and starting again in January with a daily big parade Disney “Stars On Parade”.

It is important to read all the rules per country properly, because in Europe they cannot adopt uniform rules and each country does its own thing. For example, the “Healt Pass” of 65+ is no longer valid in France and can therefore no longer be used to go to Disneyland Paris if they have not received a booster shot.

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